My beautiful wife Jessica, ca 2008My wife was born in Vietnam where her father was an operative in the South Vietnamese army during the war. He was held in a reeducation camp afterwards for six years.

They all managed to escape the country when he was released and they were sponsored to the US by a church group in Cedar Rapids. Her story is really quite amazing and deserves a lot more space than I have given. Suffice it to say that a million different circumstances in two continents had to align perfectly so that I could meet her in an Iowa City preschool in 1996. Thank goodness she said yes when I asked her out!

When she isn't working hard to keep the family unit running efficiently (which is 90% of the time); she enjoys working out, fundraising for non-profits, and reading books on her iPhone Kindle. Her favorite author is Jane Austen and she is a sucker for stories from the Regency Period and also shares my love of a good Fantasy yarn (especially ones by Elizabeth Haydon).


Ian after winning his first tennis tournament in 2013 Ian was born in 2003. He loves math, art, Minecraft, ping-pong and tennis (the apple did not fall far from the tree). He also likes waking up at the crack of dawn (the apple must have rolled downhill a litle bit). When he grows up he wants to be an artist/photographer/athlete.


Jason with his most prized possession... Jason was born in 2006. He loves Minecraft, reading, pestering his big brother and iPhone games. He inherited a double-dose of stubbornness from both parents but will sometimes relent if tickled sufficiently.